Shark Math Part 2: Determining Valuation

In the last post, we introduced the terms “Pre-Money Valuation” & “Post-Money Valuation” and discussed how they are used to determine equity splits based on the size of an investment. We also mentioned that changes in valuation will directly lead to changes in equity. In this post, we will continue that discussion by describing methods […]

Shark Math

The entrepreneur walks on stage, does a brief pitch, and then tells the Sharks they are seeking X amount of money in exchange for Y percentage of their company. One of the sharks complains that this gives the company a current valuation that is far too high. Whether you’re swimming in the tank, attempting to […]

Everything You Do is a Choice

A few years ago, my oldest daughter was part of a highly ranked high school marching band program. They were invited to compete in the first national marching band competition on the ellipse lawn at the White House. Like most early stage entrepreneurs, I was up to my eyeballs in alligators. I convinced myself that […]

Welcome to the Tech Coast Works Blog

Tech Coast Works was established to to help innovators make the transition from concept to thriving business. We’ll use this space to talk about the many obstacles that must be overcome during this transformation, and possible approaches to surmounting these obstacles. Most of the thoughts expressed here will be from Tech Coast Works’ Managing Director […]